The convenience of this cannot be overstated. The customer receives a complete system that is already engineered, integrated, pre-wired and ready to go. The control center is made of all aluminum and measures approx. 4’ X 6’ and stands 6’ high. Inside contains the inverters, computer, controllers, chargers, and state of the art maintenance free battery bank. There is a touch screen panel on the outside of the control center for quick direct operator access. The only assembly required is to extend the mounting brackets, set the poles and panels, and connect the safety grounding. If system is being connected to a grid tie, a licensed electrician will need to make the connection. Local codes and laws will apply. Complete installation instructions will be included for those customers who wish to make their panel racking more permanent, and resistant to extreme wind loads. This power plant is designed for supplying uninterrupted power 24 hours per day. Should a customer have power needs exceeding the system’s output capabilities, the system could be set-up to automatically allow a back-up generator to fill in with the extra capacity. So it would be possible for an off-grid customer to offset any percentage of his fossil fuel generator needs, right down to zero!

Which system will suit you!

A typical 24 hr day load can be shown below

PGS-5 KW System
A typical 24 hour period of consumer power usage using 9761Wh of available power from the system would look like this:
4 - LED lights (50W equiv) 6 hours
1 - clock/radio - 24 hours
1 - coffee maker - .5 hours
1 - refrigerator (on/off) - 6 hours
1 - microwave - .5 hours
1 - television - 3 hours
1 - floor fan - 12 hours
1 - water pump - 2 hours
1 - washer - 1 hour
System Overhead = 84Wh/day
The above is what would be available without any contributing sunlight!
Pricing: FOB Ocala, Florida.
5KW System – $ 38,985
PGS-10KW System
Can provide double the above.
This is equal to 19,520Wh from its 830Ah battery bank.
For larger power plant needs or micro-grid applications these systems can be daisy chained together.
Pricing: FOB Ocala, Florida.
10 KW system - $ 51,680.

Planet Green Solutions offers the foremost complete solar power plant all in one module. There’s no additional engineering the customer needs to do. There’s no shopping for additional components that need to be integrated. This is a complete package system that can offer power 24/7 without the all the hassle of wiring components in your garage. The system gets delivered to your location and you can be making power in as little as one hour’s time. This can also be permanently installed to withstand high wind loads. If you are in a location where you are having to transport in expensive fossil fuel for your power, then this is for you.

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