Shortly About Us

...Planet Green Solutions is a small team of engineers and research scientists focused on bringing renewable energy products to market...

Our initial center of attention is concentrated on launching and delivering a biomass renewable energy product. we continue active research on solar technologies, hydrogen fuel, other renewable fuels, and alternative power generation.

...There is considerable pent-up demand for remote power generation capability throughout the world...

We field multiple inquiries on a regular basis. Many requests involve developing countries that must find environmentally friendly solutions to generate safe power for people with no access to electricity. We also see many businesses from around the globe that must find environmentally friendly solutions to eliminate biomass waste from their business processes.


What We Do

Our research spans many alternative energy disciplines. However, we have intentionally focused our development efforts on the The thermo-chemical reactor technology, which in the presence of heat and limited oxygen, effectively breaks down any carbon based feedstock into mainly carbon and the combustible gases carbon-monoxide and hydrogen. This hydrogen synthesis gas can be used to fuel an internal combustion genset to produce electricity and it can be used to make heat.

Planet Green Solutions takes existing proven technology and applies it to today's renewable energy challenge. Our extensive research and development effort has resulted in a state-of-the-art 21st century thermo-chemical biomass reactor and power generation system.

Our first products: After extensive research and development, last year Planet Green Solutions introduced a series of small-scale biomass power plants that extend from 20kWh electrical generation capability up to 120kWh. These systems can mix and match both electrical power and heat generation capabilities along with a number of feedstock preparation and material handling options.


To go beyond 120kW in size, any number of single systems are ganged together to effectively provide a limitless amount of CHP. All Planet Green Solutions systems come complete with sensor based computer automation and easy to use touch screen control systems. 


Chris Morrison, Chief Executive Officer

Professor Morrison has an extensive background and field experience in industrial design and process engineering.

From 1987 through 1996, as President and CEO of Grayson Mountain Water Company, Morrison helped lead the Bottled Water Industry with many of the advancements that are now considered industry standard. A few of these pioneering firsts were: refinement of the Ozone processes to replace chlorination, first to use colorant in containers, first to use remote monitoring of sterilization applications via phone lines and internet. Morrison’s company was the first to introduce smaller container sizes using PET plastics and consequently increased the packaging options for bottled water beyond the industry standard 1-gallon polyethylene container. Morrison also helped develop industrial production refinements using computer-assisted material handling.

For the past twenty years, Mr. Morrison has completed numerous continuing education courses in advanced hydrogen research including; hydrogen production, storage, fuel cells, and environmental impact. Morrison spent the past twelve years researching and applying his comprehensive grasp of physics, chemistry, and industrial design, to help advance gasification techniques and applications. In 1983, Morrison earned a degree in construction engineering and he currently holds the highest rated Florida General Contractor’s License - CGC-025742.

Bruce Chovnick, Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Chovnick is currently involved in a number of entrepreneurial activities. Foremost, he is working to launch Planet Green Solutions as an entrant into the renewable energy landscape. He also has business interests in the equestrian community from breeding and raising young horses to training and selling sport horses. In the recent past, Chovnick was a venture investor for start-up technology companies.

Previously Chovnick spent over eighteen years in top leadership positions at four premier public companies. Until May 2001, Chovnick was a corporate officer with VeriSign (Network Solutions). Before VeriSign, Chovnick was the top technology executive at General Electric’s Information Services (GEIS) business. Chovnick joined GE in 1993 after having spent almost 10 years with IBM. Chovnick received a B.S. in computer science from the University of Florida in 1982. His graduate studies at the University of Florida were in computer engineering and he completed extensive study in business administration while at both IBM and General Electric.

As Senior Vice President and General Manager of the VeriSign (Network Solutions) Global Registry Services business, Chovnick established and operated the worldwide-shared Internet domain name registry and he enabled the global domain name business to be born. He also operated the most critical Internet systems; the A-root server and the Domain Name System servers that are the “heart and brain” of the Internet itself. Under Chovnick’s supervision, the Global Registry grew 100-fold, requiring constant innovation and invention to handle the explosive Internet growth. Chovnick devised and launched the true “global” Internet naming system by enabling domain names to exist in about 350 different foreign languages.